Oracle UEK7 Oracleasm kernel module has been removed

UEK is a Linux kernel Oracle created to address the needs of customers running demanding software such as Oracle Database on large scale systems. Its focus is performance, stability, and minimal backports by tracking the upstream kernel code as closely as is practical.

UEK is well-tested and used to run Oracle Engineered Systems, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and large enterprise deployments for Oracle customers. The source for UEK is published on GitHub:

The new Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 7 (currently in beta release) is based on the upstream 5.15.0 kernel release with additional patches and enhancements.

We can see that has been removed the oracleasm kernel module feature:

The oracleasm kernel module is removed in UEK R7. Note that this module continues to be supported in the UEK R5 and UEK R6 releases. 

All new and deprecated/removed features you can see here.

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