How to configure and add nodes on Uplexa Wallet Android

The uPlexa team brings to you, our uPlexa Android wallet. The wallet includes Node-O-Matic technology, allowing to scan for remote nodes. Store, send, or receive uPlexa (UPX) with ease.

The uPlexa mobile wallet will allow everybody and anybody to get into the digital currency realm, allowing for simplistic trades, and lessening the high-fees for travelers and cross-border banking.

The features for our first release include:

  • Create Wallets
  • Scan for Remote Nodes
  • Receive funds
  • Send Funds
  • QR Support
  • Fingerprint support
  • Crazzypass (Secure passwords)
  • Street Mode (Hide balances from onlookers)

The uPlexa wallet saves your encrypted wallet to your phone’s uPlexa directory, which can later be accessed to backup. Your mnemonic keyphrase can not be copied, as this could lead to a potential security flaw. We recommend noting down your 25 word mnemonic keyphrase for utmost security.

How to use:

  • First, connect to a remote node
  • After, click on the + button and click “Create a Wallet” (Or click “Restore wallet 25 word seed” to restore a previously created wallet (From the GUI, Web wallet, or another Android wallet)
  • Setup your wallet name & password, choose the optional feature of allowing access via fingerprint
  • Write down your 25 word mnemonic phrase, STORE IT SOMEWHERE SAFE!
  • You’re now set to start sending and receiving payments via uPlexa Android Wallet!

Give it a try now:

How to synchronize our wallet?

The android application does not add nodes by default and consequently you will have to add them manually.

Below is the list of the main uPlexa nodes:


Once you have added the nodes you can synchronize your wallet.

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