MariaDB MaxScale 2.1.0 Beta

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MariaDB MaxScale 2.1 introduces the following key new capabilities:

Dynamic Configuration
  • Server, Monitor and Listeners: MaxScale 2.1 supports dynamic configuration of servers, monitors and listeners. Servers, monitors and listeners can be added, modified or removed during runtime. A set of new commands were added to maxadmin.

  • Database firewall filter:  Rules can now be modified during runtime using the new module commands introduced in this release.

  • Persistent configuration changes: The runtime configuration changes are immediately applied to the running MaxScale as well as persisted using the new hierarchical configuration architecture.

  • Secure Binlog Server: The binlog cache files on MaxScale can now be encrypted. MaxScale binlog server also uses SSL in communication with Master and Slave.

  • Secured single sign-on: MariaDB MaxScale now supports LDAP/GSSAPI authentication support

  • Selective Data Masking: Meet your HIPPA and PCI compliance needs by obfuscating sensitive data using the new masking filter.

  • Result set limiting: Prevent access to large sets of data with a single query by using maxrows filter.

  • Prepared Statement filtering by database firewall: The database firewall filter now applies the filtering rules to prepared statements as well.

  • Function filtering by database firewall: Now database firewall filter adds a rule to whitelist or blacklist a query based on presence of a function.

  • Aurora Cluster Support: MariaDB MaxScale can now be used as a Proxy for Amazon Aurora Cluster. Newly added monitor detects read replicas and write node in Aurora Cluster, and supports launchable scripts on monitored events like other monitors.

  • Multi-master for MySQL monitor: Now MariaDB MaxScale can detect complex multi-master replication topologies for MariaDB and MySQL environment.

  • Failover mode for MySQL Monitor: For two node master-slave cluster, MariaDB MaxScale now allows slave to act as a master in case the original master fails

  • Read-Write Splitting with Master Pinning: MariaDB MaxScale 2.1 introduces a new “Consistent Critical Read Filter”. This filter detects a statement that would modify the database and route all subsequent statement to the master server where data is guaranteed to be in a up-to-date state

Query Performance
  • Query Cache Filter: MariaDB MaxScale 2.1 now allows caching of query results in MaxScale for a configurable timeout. If a query is in cache, MaxScale will return results from cache before going to server to fetch query results

  • Streaming Insert Plugin: A new plugin in MariaDB MaxScale 2.1 converts all INSERT statements done inside an explicit transaction into LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE

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