Oracle VM 3 Premier Support extended to March 2021

To give customers more flexibility and time to take advantage of the latest features offered with Oracle VM 3.4, Oracle has extended the Premier Support end date for Oracle VM Release 3 to March 2021.

Oracle VM 3 was introduced in August 2011 with a standard eight year lifecycle that set the Premier Support end date at August 2019.  A number of minor releases (3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4) have been delivered since, each delivering new features and updates to support customer growth and reduce operational expenses. In March 2016, Oracle VM 3.4 was released as the latest minor version in the Oracle VM 3 program.  The stability and features in this release made it among the fastest to be upgraded to and deployed by enterprise customers, Oracle engineered systems and cloud providers, which prompted the support extension.  Available since June 2018, Oracle VM 3.4.5 is the most current release.

The new Oracle VM 3 Premier Support timeline can be found in either of the following documents:

Both of these documents reference the new Oracle VM 3 Premier Support end date:

The Oracle VM team will continue to deliver update releases, bug fixes and security patches for the 3.4 release for the duration of the Oracle VM 3 Premier Support timeline.  Customers running an older minor release (e.g. 3.2.11 or 3.3.5) are encouraged to upgrade to 3.4 to take advantage of the updates and patches that will be delivered.

Oracle recently implemented KVM-based Oracle linux Virtualization Manager.

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